First of all, I wanted to say that I am writing this review completely without compensation and of my own free will.

(I originally saw an ad on Facebook for the store beside and had gone there. DO NOT GO TO THE STORE BESIDE TIRE HUT. They have NO concept of a line. They will serve the people who joined the line last and waited the shortest amount of time.)

Thankfully due to this unfortunate event, I decided to go to the store next door – Tire Hut. BEST DECISION EVER.

I WOULD GIVE THESE PEOPLE 20 STARS IF I COULD. They really and truly deserve it.

If I didn’t live at least an hour and a half away, I would go more often just because their customer service is stellar. They are a really good group of people. We ran into a snag and everything got sorted out because they are so amazing.

They are also super efficient and quick and getting cars in and out.